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Negro / Black
7021 - Seamless Legs Control butt-lifter Boxer
Made of CYSM’s seamless microfiber fabric, the Legs Control Butt-Lifter Boxer is the lower body sculpting men-approved control garment that you’ve been looking for! With a clear focus on offering the highest comfort level, the boxer uses invisible control bands and medium compression to flatten your abdomen, sculpt your legs into trimmed and toned masculine features, while also substantially lifting your buttocks. This combo of figure-enhancing benefits will make even the tightest-fitting bottoms look flawless on you! The breathable micro-perforated fabric makes this boxer perfect for daily use and a skin-friendly option for going to the gym, since it allows your skin to remain dry and fresh even during intense workouts. Maximizing comfort, the boxer also has an anatomically-conscious private area coverage that’s free of compression. Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$22.99 USD
Negro / Black
7020 - Seamless Butt-Lifter Control Boxer
Make sure the first piece of your outfit of the day is going to maximize your comfort level hour after hour, regardless if you’ll be wearing a suit or athletic gear! CYSM presents the Men’s Seamless Boxer with ultra-breathability odor-free technology incorporated. Guaranteed to keep you dry, supported and unrestricted while you enjoy well-fitted coverage; all without uncomfortable seams in key areas. The lightweight design of these seamless boxers is a feature that not only takes comfort to a whole new level, by providing that second-skin fit; but it also allows you to wear any type of bottoms without having to worry about seams or unnecessary bulges showing through. The boxers will use medium-control compression zones to help you enjoy a smooth and polished lower body look and keep your waist in check! Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$20.99 USD
Negro / Black
612 - Men's High Waist Abdomen Control Boxer Brief
Discover the confidence boosting powers of instant abdomen definition by wearing CYSM’s Men's High Waist Abdomen Control Boxer Brief! the fabric on this shaper makes the 4-way-stretch garment go unnoticed, regardless of your outfit choice, while holding a comfortable fit that can provide the same flawless abdomen flattening effect day after day! Ultra Flex is an extremely flexible and lightweight material, which CYSM designers have lined with antibacterial microcapsules for a fresh and cool sensation. Thanks to invisible ultra-compressive bands incorporated in key areas of the boxer brief, your buttocks receives a visible lift, while your midsection, hips and thighs are shaped to perfection! Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado  Ingrediente  Funciones
$49.99 USD
Rosa / Rose
Negro / Black
611 - Adjustable Firm Control Ultra Flex Waist Shaper
If you consider your waist to be the main problem area, that’s keeping you from wearing gorgeous tight-fitting outfits, then it’s time you try out the Adjustable Firm Control Ultra Flex Waist Shaper! With an Ultra Flex microfiber design, this mid-thigh waist shaper uses invisible control bands to tone your legs and hips, and an adjustable compression band with a front closure for superior tummy control. This firm control feature allows you to target the shaper’s slimming capabilities, while keeping it in place, without restricting your freedom of movement, or compromising on comfort. The waist shaper flattens the abdomen and minimizes the waist, while strategically placed compression bands act as butt-lifting enhancers, with zero flattening of your feminine curves. The Ultra Flex design turns your silhouette into a smooth canvas for your next breathtaking outfit! Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado  Ingrediente  Funciones
$59.99 USD
Rosa / Rose
Negro / Black
610 - Adjustable Tummy Control Ultra Flex Compressive Short
We’ve designed the Adjustable Tummy Control Ultra Flex Compressive Short to be a minimalist abdomen flattening short that has impressive butt-lifting results, thanks to the full coverage and integrated invisible compression bands. The no-hook side-closure of the short will not only keep it in place, at the desired tightness, but also accentuate its waist slimming effects. The high-rise waistband will slim-down and flatten your abdomen, leaving behind only a smooth and delicate surface, thanks to the Ultra Flex microfiber design. This feature allows your skin to breathe, and gives you the chance to enjoy a lightweight comfy curve hugging fit. Apart from superior abdomen control, the short adds volume and a perky roundness to your bottom, with a smooth and soft texture to complete the flawless look. A curve-defining miracle worker! Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado  Ingrediente  Funciones
$42.99 USD
Negro / Black
Piel / Nude
1502 - Seamless Instant Definition Butt-Lifting Thermal Shorts
The Seamless Instant Definition Butt-Lifting Thermal Shorts are here to permanently eliminate the major drawback of most shapewear garments: the dreaded flattening compression.   ● Thanks to the invisible compression control bands the cheeks of your buttocks are separated, while your bottom’s roundness, firmness and volume are maximized! ● This curve-defining design offers a comfortable hold with zero compromises on the figure sculpting effects of the thermal shorts!● The softer and more durable design of the seamless microfiber fabric makes the shorts perfect for daily use, guaranteeing comfort, adequate skin breathability and excellent stretch recovery even after countless uses! ● The thermal active compressive design of the shorts accelerates your body’s fat burning processes, so wearing these sleek and smooth waistline slimming shorts will help with your weight loss journey even when you’re not being active! Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado  Funciones    
$32.99 USD
Negro / Black
Piel / Nude
1504 - Seamless Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts
Finding flawless tummy control solutions is one of the biggest concerns when you love wearing slim-fitting dresses, skirts and tops. With that desire in mind, we’ve designed the Seamless Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts, which are guaranteed to help you achieve a show-stopping look each and every time! ● The thermal active shorts will not only speed up your body’s natural fat burning processes, but they will also use invisible control bands to tuck in the extra inches that are creating your problem areas! ● Muffin-tops, love handles and other imperfections will become a distant memory when you slip into these soft, comfortable and highly resistant contouring shorts! ● The medium control level and microfiber design offer you the possibility to wear the shorts daily, because the skin can breathe and your freedom of movement isn’t limited! ● Get ready to love wearing pencil skirts, waistline focused dresses and other risqué outfits!fects on your abdomen. ● Here’s your chance to wear jeans, dresses, and any type of bottoms, with full confidence that your butt is properly lifted, your abdomen is smooth, and your hips and legs are perfectly toned! Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado  Funciones
$30.99 USD
Verde Negro / Green Black
8003 - Sweat Enhancing Thermal Shorts - SALE!
SALE! - Help your body go the extra mile when you’re working out! ● The Sweat Enhancing Thermal Shorts are the comfy gym-ready bottoms that you can wear anytime you plan on being active! ● The shorts stimulate perspiration when you’re working out, so trimming inches off of your problem areas becomes easier, and your training becomes more efficient! ● The fabric is flexible enough to give you freedom to move, while still supporting your lower-back and abdomen.  FINAL SALE - No Changes / Refunds on these items Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$28.99 USD $36.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
3 - Butt-Enhancing Padded Panty with Silicone Pads
 Sometime you just have to give mother-nature a bit of help! A curvy, well rounded, butt can do wonders for your figure, and consequently, it can make an outfit go from “okay” to “Wow”! The Butt-Enhancing Padded Panty with Silicone Pads is a simple and discrete way of getting an instant butt-lift! The panty has a medium-compressive design, so even on its own it will have a butt-enhancing effect! The real miracle workers are the silicone pads that fit unnoticeably as they cup your cheeks. Once you see how this garment chances the look of your butt, you’ll be using it constantly! No more dresses that only have a front view! It’s time for your rear to steal the show! Material  Compression        Funciones
$26.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
202 - Thermal Butt-Lifting Shorts
 There’s no need to compromise on curves when you desire control over your waist and thighs! These thermal butt-lifting shorts are your best choice in achieving a curvy yet slimming look.The cut-out design will create a perfectly rounded bottom, while the thermal effect of the material will enhance the slimming effect of the shorts. The benefits of wearing shapewear are a major plus if you need post-surgery support in the targeted area. The butt-lifting result will make you feel comfortable and confident while making an exquisite impression.  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$38.99 USD


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