Enterizo Deportivo

Enterizo Deportivo
Check out our incredible enterizo deportivo products! These women’s workout clothes are perfect for a quick outfit to get you working through the gym. The suit is designed to apply pressure to your problem areas, allowing you to see the figure you’re working for as you exercise! For other sport corsets and sport waist cinchers to make training that much more exciting, be sure to shop CYSM today!
Enterizo Deportivo / Fullbody Sport Shaper
 If you’re looking for an all-in-one gym outfit that’s both performance and comfort oriented, the Fullbody Sport Shaper should already be on your wish list! Its ability to provide support and control in key areas of the body make it ideal for any type of physical activity, on intense and light levels! This sport bodysuit uses its compressive design to eliminate any uncomfortable jiggle, toning the abdomen, hips and legs, eliminating unaesthetic rolls, and providing much needed back-support. The front zipper closure secures the skin-tight body shaper, allowing you to fully focus on your training sessions, with maybe just a slight tendency to check yourself out in the mirror! The anatomic waistline and strategic seams combined with the curve-enhancing abilities of the compressive design will instantly lift your buttocks and accentuate your bust. Now that’s a look worth working for at the gym!  Funciones
$74.99 USD
Azul / Blue
Enterizo Deportivo BEACH /Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper
 The vibrantly colored Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper is designed to make you start your training sessions with confidence and determination! Just seeing the instant butt-lift and bust-enhancement this sport bodysuit creates using a high-rise waistband, strategic seams and a top-control band, will make you want to work harder for the perfect figure! Meanwhile, the compressive design of the shaper will give you superior abdomen-control, with a toning effect on your hips, legs and back!This gorgeous gym-ready outfit’s compression level also guarantees proper back and shoulder support, taking the pressure off of your neck and back thanks to the wide straps and skin-tight fit! The front zip closure makes the bodysuit easy to put on, while also maximizing the shaper’s ability to eliminate imperfections such as muffin tops and love handles. The Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper will show you the figure you’ve been working for in seconds!  Funciones
$45.99 USD $79.99 USD
Fucsia / Fuchsia
Enterizo Deportivo SHINNY /Full Body SHINNY Sport Shaper
The Full Body SHINNY Sport Shaper is designed to make any workout session feel like an effortless calorie-burning success story! With zero fuss when it comes to your gorgeous gym outfit, you have more time to focus on being active. This figure-flattering sport bodysuit guarantees maximum freedom of movement and flexibility, while simultaneously offering light compression. This compressive design is responsible for the curve-sculpting effects of the body shaper!The Shinny sport body shaper uses strategic seams to follow the natural curves of the body, applying pressure where smoothening and toning are needed, i.e. abdomen, back, hips and legs. The top control band and high-rise waistband are integrated into this body-confidence boosting garment to lift and support the bust and the buttocks. With a look that’s fit for a woman that’s ready to conquer the world, you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life!  Funciones
$79.99 USD


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