ZAIRA - Push Up Skirt by CYSM

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The CYSM push-up jeans technology has inspired our team to create the ZAIRA Skirt, which offers the figure-redefining benefits of your favorite pair of jeans, but in a sensual denim skirt form! The strategic lines and curves of the skirt’s design, along with the bidirectional stretch fabric, give your buttocks a substantial lift while eliminating imperfections, such as rolls or extra inches that just won’t go away.
The high-rise waistband and the decorative elements have the purpose of visually lengthening your legs and midsection, while toning and smoothening your hips and thighs. The ripped denim design gives the skirt a touch of attitude and just the right amount of versatility between an elegant and a casual style. The skirt is perfect for office outfits, delightful date nights and amazing first impressions!


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