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482 - Shaper Bra with Back Support

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The Shaper Bra with Back Support is a multi-purpose bust enhancing garment that’s 100% safe to wear daily when recovering post cosmetic or corrective surgery; thanks to its skin-rejuvenating and hydrating Bio Therapy micro-capsule coating and the 3-position adjustable under-bust compression band.

● The Bio Therapy coating will gradually release skin-health promoting active ingredients throughout the day, keeping you cool and comfy!

● The bra has wide adjustable shoulder straps and a crisscross control-band back design, which combined will relieve back pain, correct your posture and prevent the hunched position associated with post-surgery recovery.

● The high-compression level of the under-bust band hits the sweet spot between bust-enhancement and medically-approved support; a design which stimulates a healthy blood flow while also speeding up your recovery and preventing inflammation in key areas.

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