Top 13 CYSM Products to Get the Ultimate Natural Booty Lift

Ever think about why that go-to pair of bottoms are your favorite? Most often than not, it’s because they make your booty look plump and firm, which instantly boosts your sex-appeal and confidence!

But you don’t have to stick to just one pair of butt-enhancing bottoms, when there’s an entire list of multi-purpose Shapewear garments that can make your butt look like the most stunning voluptuous curve on your body!

We’ve compiled a list of 13 Shapewear items that are designed to prioritize the booty-lift in their figure-contouring abilities; as well as offer several other slimming body-shaping benefits!

Browse our top choices and see which buttocks-enhancing Shapewear design can give you the delightful bubble butt you’re looking for, so you can flaunt that booty in any outfit!


With a second-skin feel, this seamless under-bust body shaper tackles the issue of tummy-control, flattening the abdomen and leaving your back smooth and roll-free.

By giving your upper body a flawless contour, even helping your bra of choice better emphasize your bust; the butt-lifting effect it has becomes ultra-effective, tightening and plumping up your booty!


Minimalist! Discrete! & Bootylicious! That’s how the padded panty with silicone pads is best described. With zero-flattening, and with maximum booty-contouring abilities; this panty is ideal for any type of outfit, no matter how revealing: from denim shorts with a crop top, to open-back dresses.

It adds volume and perkiness, giving your bottom an instant plump makeover, while keeping you comfy!


If a butt-lift and firm abdomen control are equally important to you, then you should definitely try out the double control waist cincher! This garment provides the slimming and figure-remodeling benefits of a CYSM waist trainer, as well as putting an emphasis on shaping your bottom into the voluptuous & firm curve that it’s meant to be.


Ultra-versatile, comfortable and a fashionista’s best choice for endless looks with just one pair of butt-enhancing seamless bottoms! The butt-lifter leggings have a great mix of abdomen-flattening & leg-toning features, which visually maximize the booty-pop effect.

The high-rise waistband and invisible control bands are the main features responsible for the substantial butt-lift and extra perkiness you get instantly.


The Ultra Flex bodysuit is ideal if you have an active and busy lifestyle, as it doesn’t compromise on your comfort or flexibility throughout the day, in order to give you that natural & instant booty-lift.

It minimizes your waistline, gives your arms extra definition; flattens the abdomen and tones your legs; so the list of silhouette-contouring benefits is far from being just buttocks-related. An all-in-one remodeling solution!


Date night? Special social events? Or just feeling like your new dress lacks the right amount of curviness to fit you flawlessly? The push-up lace-detailed dress slip is a must-have!

Being part of the Ultra Flex collection, it has a second-skin like fit and a smooth to the touch feel, which allow it to go unnoticed even under ultra-curve-hugging dresses. But the booty-lift will 100% not go by unnoticed, as the slip offers the perfect dose of curve definition, while also enhancing the bust, for an effortless hourglass-figure effect!


The open-bottom cut-outs on these seamless thermal shorts are super-efficient when it comes to adding extra volume to your booty, even if you feel like Mother Nature hasn’t been too generous. The cut-out feature, paired with a seamless compressive design, puts your lifted perky bottom in the spotlight, while also flattening the abdomen, controlling your hips, and toning your thighs. 


Being pregnant shouldn’t put a stop to your curve-defining goals, especially when all the curves on your body are now being overshadowed by your lovely bump. That’s why CYSM has designed the pregnancy-support body shaper, which along with giving you a hefty dose of back and belly support, also contours your booty, while offering lots of comfort-enhancing features.


Get that awesome plump & perky booty-lift in a flattering pair of push-up denim bottoms! You’ll be getting all the abdomen-control benefits of a CYSM body-shaper, in the form of a stylish pair of high-waist push-up jeans, which are designed to put an emphasis on your curvy bottom.


For a casual approach to an effortless instant butt-lift, you can incorporate one of our denim push-up shorts into your outfits. Sexy, flirty and bootylicious!


If you want an easy way to incorporate a substantial booty-lift into a business-sharp look, the push-up denim skirt is definitely a great choice for you! It offers a flattering abdomen-control solution, while also emphasizing your lifted and perked-up butt.


Go all-in with our push-up denim bodysuit for a bold look that’s matched in its efficient figure-contouring abilities, by an equally significant booty-lift that will make your curvy silhouette hard to go unnoticed and admired.


If you’re working on your bubble-butt by improving your fitness level and by being a sporty fashionista, you don’t have to miss out on the effortless butt-lift of our Fit Leggings! They use targeted ultra-compression to contour your butt into a plump and perky curve, while flattening your abdomen and giving your legs muscle support during any type of physical activity. Flexibility and freedom of movement guaranteed!

Let us know how you like to accentuate your bottom and what type of butt-lifting Shapewear works best for your fashion style!


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