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BUNDLE and SAVE! - Enjoy up to $99 OFF
BUNDLE and SAVE! - Enjoy up to $99 OFF





The product is made of a fabric that incorporates the breathability and comfort-enhancing features of cotton, while maintaining the flexibility and compressive abilities of Neoprene. It’s ideal in garments that are appropriate for everyday use 

380 Flex

This product gets its superior flexibility and thermal-activity stimulating features from a fabric named 380-flex. The fabric gives maximum freedom of movement while accentuating the fat-burning processes of the body.


The product incorporates a form-fitting fabric named Powernet, which effortlessly tones, smoothens and models any part of the body it covers. It can easily eliminate love handles, muffin-tops and unaesthetic rolls and bulges.



The product is made of a flexible and lightweight fabric named Neoprene. This material stimulates perspiration and keeps the muscles warm, accelerating fat-burning processes within the body. It is ideal for weight-loss and toxin-release through the skin.


The product is made of a micro-perforated lightweight stretch fabric which is not only soft to the touch and non-irritating, but it is also highly breathable. This makes it ideal for areas of the garment that need extra ventilation.


This product incorporates magnetic elements, allowing you to experience magnetic therapy, considered an efficient relief for muscle aches. It is integrated into a compressive design which accentuates its effects, and smoothens every inch of skin it covers.


Latex used in Shapewear garments instantly trims inches off of any part of the body it covers. It’s a material that holds its shape very well over time, thus making latex-based products very durable and perfect for garments that aim to help you effortlessly redefine your figure.




Cool Freshness Comfort + Seaweed

This product incorporates the cellulite-melting effects of seaweed extracts, smoothening the skin and allowing it to regain its elasticity and firmness. This process leaves the skin energized and refreshed, while the swelling is eliminated.

Caffeine & Seaweed

The caffeine particles found on the fabric help to dilate the blood vessels, improving blood circulation and the oxygen transfer from cells to the skin. The seaweed works as a cellulite combating tool, which eliminates water build-ups.

Antibacterial pearls

The antibacterial pearls that cover the inside of the fabric provide an optimal layer of protection against the contamination of a vulnerable area of the body. It is ideal in garments worn post-surgery and post-partum.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe-Vera capsules that cover the side of the fabric that touches the skin provide a consistent layer of protection which is highly moisturizing. The skin remains soft to the touch and well hydrated for as long as you wear the garment.




Light Control

This level of compression helps the garment accentuate the natural curves and shape of your figure, while smoothening areas of the body that are more likely to develop rolls or unaesthetic bumps. It offers a smooth and even surface for all types of attire to fit onto.

Medium Control

This level of compression is suitable in garments that are safe for everyday use and extended periods of time. The garment will hold its shape, sculpt the curves and smooth lines you desire, and will remain comfortable to wear.

High Control

The compression level of this garment gives you superior control over all problem areas by following the body’s natural curves and completely eliminating unaesthetic imperfections using a high amount of pressure.

Ultra Compression

This product offers the ultimate amount of control over any body part that the garment covers. Its firmness shapes the body to create the desired lines and curves, while still allowing you to feel comfortable and be active during the progressive body makeover.





The product is designed to offer you a fast and hassle-free recovery after any type of surgery. It applies a generous amount of compression in the surrounding area, thus reducing swelling and improving blood circulation. It incorporates an antibacterial fabric which is safe for post-surgery wear.


This product uses its compressive design to reduce swelling and help speed-up the healing process after cosmetic-surgery. It has a discrete design, which makes it unnoticeable under any type of attire. The fabric incorporates antibacterial pearls, making it safe for post-surgery wear.

Gym Ready

This product is designed to give you comfort, control and support during any type of physical activity. It will offer superior freedom of movement, and maximize the results of your workout sessions, be it at the gym or at home.  

During Pregnancy

Wearing this type of product during pregnancy will offer you an optimal amount of lower back support, while keeping you comfortable. The garment will take the pressure off of your back, eliminating soreness and giving you more freedom of movement.


Post Partum

The product is recommended for a fast and efficient healing process after giving birth. The compressive design and antibacterial fabric will help the soft tissue in the area recover easier, reducing swelling and the possibility of infections.

Everyday Use

The fabric and the light to moderate-compressive design of the product make it appropriate for everyday use, without the garment irritating the skin or the fit becoming uncomfortable. The product can be worn for a moderate amount of time daily, with no negative effects.


This product stimulates perspiration, which eliminates toxins quicker than the body would under normal circumstances and speeds-up the fat-burning processes in your system. Sweating combined with the natural effects of physical activity will boost your weight-loss.





This garment combines the effects of a compressive design and a thermal activity stimulating fabric, thus allowing you to experience the inch-trimming and toxin-releasing effects of thermal therapy. The garment also keeps the muscles warm and relaxed, preventing injury during high-intensity training.

Flattens Abdomen

The garment uses a compressive design to give you superior control over your midsection. The abdomen is flattened; muffin-tops, love handles and rolls are eliminated, leaving behind a toned and eye-pleasingly compact waistline.

Lifting Buttocks

The compressive design of the garment uses the strategic placement of the seams to lift the buttocks, round it up and add volume; process which results in an accentuated look of this feminine curve.

Enhance Breast

The compressive design of the garment uses the strategic placement of the seams to your bust’s advantage. It not only emphasizes your feminine features, but also prevents sagging and discomfort in this sensitive area.


Molding Hips

The garment uses a compressive design to give you superior control over the hips by giving them a smooth and curvy look, with zero bumps or rolls. The garment makes fitting into your favorite pair of jeans a pleasant experience!

Molding Arms

The garment uses a compressive design to give you superior control over every inch of your arms that it covers. It will help you tighten loose skin and get rid of unaesthetic arm fat.

Molding Legs

The garment uses a compressive design to give you superior control over the entire portion of the leg that it covers. It can smoothen thighs and calves, giving them a more toned appearance and eliminating any sight of cellulite.


Constant Massage

The garment’s strategic design uses an adequate compression level to give your skin and muscles a constant massage, as you go about your day. The massage is beneficial in preventing and minimizing the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.


The compressive design of the garment, which offers support in key areas of the body, will help in preventing and minimizing back soreness and pain, while simultaneously improving your posture. 

Posture Correction

By keeping your shoulders and back into a proper position, this garment helps you effortlessly maintain a healthier posture, which is not only beneficial in terms of long term health of the spine, but also does wonders in making you look taller and slimmer.