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Most of the changes of your body disapears in the first month after the birth but there are other things that are difficult to erase. The four first months after your child birth are fundamental for weight loss and skin recovery. We know how much you care about for your body and health so we recomend some shapewear for all our different moms.

Pregnancy should be the happiest and most exciting part of a future mommy’s life! But pregnancy does come with increased discomfort, as the months go by. The Pregnancy Support Bodysuit 273 is designed to help you fully enjoy this happy part of motherhood! The bodysuit has a combination of medium to high compressive features. The medium control is used to give you a natural butt-lifting effect, and to keep your waist in shape, while the high control design lifts your bust and offers much needed back support. To make things even easier, the undergarment has a crotch-opening, and a boyshort design. The adjustable band that fits snuggly around your abdomen guarantees a comfortable and supported belly, throughout the last months of your pregnancy! 

 Take control over your own look and use the compression effect of this boyshort bodysuit 435 to continue wearing your favorite outfits right after giving birth or after surgery. This slimming bodysuit acts as a support system giving you a flat abdomen, a butt-lifting effect and an added push-up effect for your bust.  This braless bodysuit offers you the possibility of wearing your favorite type of bra and enjoying all the benefits of wearing the perfect type of shapewear for an overall gorgeous look! 

Looking for the type of top-notch pregnancy bump support that can be easily integrated into your everyday life? The LESLIE maternity jeans offer superior pregnancy lumbar support, without limiting their ability to give you a butt-lift instantly and remodel your legs into slender and toned figure slimming features! The LESLIE jeans are part of CYSM’s new maternity jeans collection, which features a sewn-in microfiber stretch support band.

The gentle lightweight of the Valentina Push Up Jeans hold of the support band gives the jeans a flexible, automatically adjustable, fit around your belly, regardless of how far along you are. The fabulous versatile look of the jeans makes them easy to mix into any outfit style, with stunning and mommy-approved results! Abdomen support, excellent skin breathability and the soft and smooth touch of high-quality materials are just some of the other health related perks of the VALENTINA maternity jeans.

Now you know, we got the best gifts for the best mother <3


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