Have you found the perfect CYSM Gift for mom?


There are a lot of types of moms, fit mom, casual mom, yoga moms, new moms etc. Each one is unique and perfect, that’s why we will show you next, the top products for the top mom.

For the Casual mom, we got the best push up jeans, this are perfect for the dinamic and hard working mom that do a lot of things at the same time. This jeans are comfty and fashion. The CYSM push-up jeans collection aims to fulfill and exceed the expectations of our clients. We’ve taken the technology behind your favorite pair of jeans to a new level, where style, comfort and body-shaping elements are in a perfect balance!


For the Fit Mom we got a big fitness collection. To the sporty top to the colorful leggings. The CYSM Sportswear collection is aimed towards helping you get the best weight-loss, fat-burning, and muscle-building results. Our sportswear product line can help you achieve any of these health-focused goals, thanks to the wide variety of garments we’ve designed! The garments are designed to meet your needs of comfort, support, control and performance. It’s up to you to mix and match the vibrant and stylish designs that the garments come in, so that they push you further towards success!


For the mom that cares about her shape and body, The CYSM Shapewear collection incorporates a wide and diverse selection of high-quality garments that can help you meet a long list of health and beauty related goals! The garments in this collection allow you to target one or more areas of the body, apply a remodeling compressive technique, and achieve your body-remodeling goals instantly and, with a little practice, permanently!

CYSMSo know you know, CYSM got al kinds of awesome gift you can give to your mom, give her something that she will use and will help her to embrace her beauty.


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