All you need to know about our Ultra Sweat line by CYSM


The CYSM Ultrasweat collection was designed to offer people of all sizes and fitness levels an ideal mix of comfort, support and performance. This mix was fine tuned with the help of fitness experts and athlete-performance clothing specialists. All in an effort to give you the right tools to achieve your fitness goals! We want to be your partners in achieving your New Year’s resolutions and/or getting that hot beach-body!

We have succeeded in creating this product line by doing extensive research and by not taking any shortcuts. We want the Ultrasweat product line to exceed the expectations of our customers!

This result-oriented approach is why we’ve chosen AIRPRENE to be the performance-enhancing fabric that makes the Ultrasweat collection the cutting-edge technology behind many calorie-burning and muscle-building success stories!


AIRPRENE is essentially a breathable version of the more popular Neoprene. By eliminating the rubber component, which gives Neoprene its thermal & moisture insulating features, the technology behind Neoprene becomes athlete-oriented. But AIRPRENE takes one step beyond just being available for people that are not divers or swimmers!

AIRPRENE is a form-fitting fabric that incorporates multiple micro-perforated layers. These micro-perforations not only make the fabric ultra-light, but they also allow air to circulate. The superior breathability, combined with the fabric’s 4-way stretch and compressive features, is the reason why we’ve designed the Ultrasweat collection to be performance-focused! Everything from the strategically placed seams, to the figure-shaping internal bands, will be part of your outfit for a fitness-related reason!

What are the benefits of making any product from the Ultrasweat collection part of your fitness experience?

  • Breathable fabric – the micro-perforated layers of the AIRPRENE allow your skin to sweat it all out, leaving you energized and refreshed while your muscles receive the proper amount of oxygen.


  • Comfort – the strategic seams, the anatomical design, and the female comfort-enhancing crotch extension, are all key features in keeping you comfortable while being active, no matter what intensity your workout has.


  • Support & injury prevention - the light compression and internal waistband and top band are the reasons why the Ultrasweat line manages to reduce the risk of muscle soreness and injury. It does so by allowing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to stay warm, loose and flexible.
  • Superior flexibility – the figure-fitting fabric, although compressive, gives you excellent freedom of movement and flexibility thanks to the 4-way stretch, so you can rock any workout session with ease.
  • Regulated body temperature - the Ultrasweat products will make you sweat like crazy, stimulating fat-burning processes in your system, but moisture is released through the micro-perforations, allowing the skin to cool down to a comfortable body-temperature. This in turn builds-up your endurance level to physical activity!


  • Performance – By cumulatively offering you the benefits mentioned above, the performance-enhancing capabilities of the Ultrasweat collection are 100% guaranteed!



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