The ultimate TOP 3, the best CYSM products



In this blog, we will show you and explain why are this products the TOP 2016. This selection of products is based on the top picks of our online clients. As you know, CYSM got a lot of diferente products just like, gridles and shapewear, push up jeans, sporstwear and more. we will tell you about the characteristics that make our products special and unique.

In third place, we got our Ultra Sweat Enhancing Thermal Vest, The ULTRASWEAT CYSM collection is a product line designed to help you achieve and surpass your fitness goals faster, easier and safer! How is that possible? By offering your body the optimal conditions for its fat-burning processes and endurance-building potential!

Our ULTRASWEAT products are made using a 4-way stretch highly breathable fabric, named AIRPRENE. This performance-boosting fabric will make you sweat off all the extra pounds, even while doing light exercises. But it’s not about how much it will make you sweat, but about how efficiently it will make you sweat! The micro-perforations in the fabric will help regulate your body temperature, keeping your muscles warm and loose, and your skin refreshed and cool! Wearing an ULTRASWEAT garment while being active drastically reduces the risk of injury, while allowing you to be flexible and comfortable! Dive into this fitness-focused collection and choose the outfit you’ll wear on your way to success!


In second place, we got our all time favorite Push Up Jeans Darby. What better way of boosting your self-esteem than looking in the mirror and seeing long toned legs, a slender waistline and a round and perked-up butt? The DARBY jeans are the one-stop-solution for those exact results!

These skinny jeans use the bidirectional stretch of the fabric to shape your legs, hips and waist into one gorgeous realistic mirage, where your legs make your entire figure look sexier and slimmer! The push-up effect that your bottom will benefit from also plays a big part in the sensual look that this pair of jeans helps create. All you have to do is enjoy all the justified compliments!


In first place, the ultimate waist trainer our Thermal Waist Cincher 1332. Give every one of your outfits the chance to look incredible! The Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher gives you a lean and flat midsection, with no effort at all! The thermal stimulation that the garment offers makes your body a workout anytime of the day! Just slip it on and enjoy the benefits!

For extra comfort and support, the garment has built-in structural rods and a 3-position internal hook closure. This system makes your torso look longer and leaner, while offering back support! Wear it at the gym to intensify your workout, or just wear it under any outfit and enjoy the inch-trimming effect it has!


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