Faher's day is here!


Everyday is a good time to tell your dad how much you love him, but Father’s Day is perfect to tell him in other ways that you love him. What can you do to make this day special? we’ll give you a few ideas that may be perfect for your dad. CYSM got this Men shapewear line that has a lot of diferent products for your hero father, we got cinchers, the ultra sweat line and even socks for good circulation. In this blog we will talk about how our men products are the perfect Father’s day gift.


The Men's Sweat Enhancing Thermal T-shirt uses thermal activity to stimulate perspiration in your core. Sweating is the first sign that your workout is efficient! So why not push it further? The T-shirt has a compressive design that gives you back support while you’re training, and also helps you maintain a correct posture. The fabric is flexible, so you don’t have to worry about mobility. You do your job, workout hard, and the T-shirt will only increase the positive results of your efforts!

cysm ultra sweat

A man’s torso is the focus point of his entire figure. It makes the difference between: any shirt fitting perfectly, or wearing extra clothing to hide your midsection. The Men’s Support and Control Waist Cincher is the best solution if you want to turn your torso into your strongest feature. The ultra compressive design of the waist cincher, along with the built-in structural rods and the 3-position hook closure, will redefine your figure, by flattening your abdomen and correcting your posture. A correct posture can have a major impact on how clothes fit, while consequently giving your torso a lean and toned look. You can use the waist cincher on a daily basis! The additional benefit of having excellent lumbar support will prevent back pain, so working a desk-job will no longer be a problem for your health!

cysm cincher gridle

Maintaining a correct posture is just as important as having an active and healthy lifestyle! These two practices both have huge positive effects on your figure. The Men’s Posture Corrector Thermal Vest is a quick-fix solution, if your posture has suffered due to having a desk-job or other factors. The vest is equipped with an internal hook closure, reinforced by an ultra flat zipper. This system holds the vest in place and makes it unnoticeable under any type of clothing. The internal latex layer stimulates thermal activity in your core, strengthening it and flattening your abdomen. The vest provides back support and corrects your posture with the help of the compressive crisscross design. The antibacterial fabric of the garment makes it ideal for everyday use. Wear it at work or when you’re working out! It will give your body an effortless make-over, and ease and prevent back pain at the same time.


Well know you know, if you want to give your dad an useful gift go and check CYSM.COM we got FREE SHOPPING in all online store (even in the toman’s products)





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