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40 min workout cardio tips blog CYSM

From girl to girl, i think cardio is the most important thing if you want to lose weight, we got this 35 min routine that will do wonders for your body. You can do it running in a park or even in a 


First you got to be wearing the perfect fit outfit, gotta be comfty and breathable for better skin oxygenation. Now we are gonna explain step by step the routine. You also need 2kg dumbbells.

The first 5 min just walk slow and get warm, make circles with your neck 3 times, also make circles with each arm to warm your shoulders, 3 times each.

So the warm up it's ready, now the first 10 min will be fast walking, lifting the dumbbells from your hip to your chest, do it as fast has your walking.

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Now the next 10 min keep the fast walking but now you will lift your dumbbells from your shoulders from over the top of your head, straight 10 min.

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The last 10 min will be the most intense, open your arms to your shoulders height (like a bird hehe) and make circles 5 times then rest your arms putting them down, then again repeat till' the time is up.

dumbbells cysm

So the last 5 min are for cooling down, star walking slow and repeat the first steps, make circles with your neck and arms.

So that's ir girl, make this fun cardio and lose weight while you have fun. If you want to intensify this cardio you can also try a sweating vest or a waist trainer if you want to cinch that waist. So try this 40 min workout and get your perfect shape, remember to tell yourself: YES I CAN! :)

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