5 tips for Intelligent shopping, buying products with amazing reviews

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Shopping is an activity that everybody loves but not everyone do it intelligently. When you see a 50% off or a 2x1 chart your brain goes on zombie mode, you gotta stop and ask yourself: Do I really need it? Will I use it entirely?

Well, we got some advice: This are 5 tips for an intelligent shopping.

1) Avoid crowded hours on store, it is much relaxing to go shopping when there's not too much people on store. You can choose wisely and try it all in the dressing room without waiting on the line.

2) Try more than just one size, sometimes clothes or products are different in each store. For a perfect fit, try more sizes beacuse everyone have an unique body.

3) Subscribe on the mailing lists, sometime's stores got amazing sales for the customers that are in the mailing lists. One time I got a 70% on a exclusive store.

4) Make a list, if you make a list with the things you really need you can focus on that and even separate the budget between "needs" and "wants"

5) Last but not least: Search for the reviews, the product's reviews are an amazing guide from shopping because you get to see real comments from real people about that product you want to purchase.

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well know you know, think about this when you are on a shopping rush. An intelligent shopping can improve your economy and your wardrobe.





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