Don’t do it alone, do it with CYSM <3

valentines cysm faja shapewear

It’s almost here! The sweetest week of the year, so sweet that CYSM got suprises for you. Now imagine that you are getting ready to that super special date with your boo, a dinner with your Bfs or a family valentine’s celebration, Don’t do all that alone, do it with CYSM

Now a different scenario, you are walking in the street and found the love of your life, don’t you wanna look perfect? This is  where CYSM goes in, with our Termal body shaper 385 that lift your buttocks, you will look A M A Z I N G.


What about your friend’s wedding? you can meet the perfect guy there, so we give you the shaper to look perfect. You can use our Thermal camisole 6014 to show your body in that ultra skinny dress.

CYSM camisole shaper

Did you see that super cute guy in the gym? you can go and talk to him looking perfect with our coral cincher 1330.  

CYSM cincher

What about walking your dog in the park, you saw that guy you like? you are ready and looking fine with our black latex cincher that makes a perfect hourglass shape.

CYSM latex


Do you need something more casual? you can use our high control camisole, for those school days.

CYSM shaper

So now you know, cupid can get you anywhere so be ready with CYSM shapewear.


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