Alone on valentine's day? cheer up!!

 alone on Valentines day cysm

For some, february is the month of love and friendship but por single people may be a tough day. Everything is pink, everyone is in love and have plans. If you had a recent breakup you'll be a little sad, but you can turn everything up. Valentine's is the day of LOVE, it doesn't mean love for someone else, it can be for yourself. We got a list of things that you can do on Valentine's day all by yourself

facial mask valentines

1.- Home spa

You can prepare homemade facial masks, put some cucumber on your eyes, turn up some sweet music and relax. Maybe later you can paint your nails.

horror movie night cysm

2.- Horror movie night

If you love mosnters and getting scared, make a list of horror movies and watch them all while you eat pop corn.

girl's night out cysm

3.- Girl's night out

Call all your  single friends, put on a sweet pair of jeans and go to dance all night.

Remember, Valentine's day is just like another day, just have fun and be yourself. There's no better love to celebrate than the love for yourself.


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