Benefits of coconut oil by CYSM

benefits of coconut oil cysm

Have you heard about all the wonderful things that coconut oil does? let's begin, coconut oil it's a perfect treatment for your hair, use it as oil tratment it helps you to get smooth and shiny hair. This oil can work wonders for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Its fatty acids soften hair. Hoy to Apply: rub a small amount between your hands, so you’re moisturizing them at the same time, then apply it to your hair from roots to ends.

Do you got dry scalp and dandruff? well coconut it's what you need, you just got to put some coconut oil in your roots and massage in for five minutes, this will moisture your roots and scalp's skin. Say goodbye to that waful white dust.

Another way to use coconut oil is as frizz tamer, you can use it after your hair is dry and it will be flatten your hair, a lot of friends use it after they iron their hair.

Another amazing use for coconut oil is as skin care treatment, you can remove eye makeup, use it as night cream and even as lip balm. Your skin will be soft and it will smell delicious.

You can get creative with this oil, tell us another way you use it and remember to use organic, raw, virgin coconut oil and store at room temperature. Now go and try it on.

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