Do the fit leggings exist? - benefits of wearing fit leggings by CYSM

fit leggings by CYSM

All gym girl needs that pair of fit leggings that makes her performance better. Things we took into consideration for the creation of our fit legging: fabric, quality of craft, fit, versatility and stretch. The looks are an issue too, all fit girl like a cool gym outfit. Our collection is colorful and sexy, perfect for the fitness fashionista girl.

sportswear fabric technology

One of the most special thing about our leggings is the smart weaving, this kind of fabric will give you so much benefits, the kind of benefits you need to give the best performance in every physical activity you do.

cysm sporstwear leggings

you can do everything in this leggings like jogging, yoga, pilates, box, gym, crossfit, etc. They adapt to anything.

fit leggings

our leggings got special fabric technology. It's easy to perspire and that's helps you to have a better performance.

fit leggings

our legging's seams and meterials give you the ultimate muscle compression.

fit leggings cysm

with all the flexibility, breathable fabric and compression the fit leggings are the perfect choice.

cysm fit leggings

it's so comfty you will be able to do any movement.

If you are a fit girl, you will love this collection, it's perfect for any physical activity.




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