BOGO MOM - buy one and get 50% OFF! - Mother's day sale

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bogo sale mother's day

Our BOGO sale for mom Makes Everything Easier. She'll love all the different fashion possibilities we have! Regardless of her style sensibilities, we've got different products for each type of mom: For the mom to be, the new mom, the fashion mom, the fit mom and even the one who love shapewear.

Well our bogo work this way: You buy one and get the second one with 50% Off. Yes automatically our website gives you the 50% Off when you add the second item on your cart. This BOGO sale only applies to one collection you can click HERE >>>

For example you can buy the 428 Body Ultra Silueta that cost $69.99 and the second one will cost $34.99 (if it's the same product)

The BOGO works also if you choose different items, for example you chose a push up like the cielo maternity push up jean and the Pregnancy Support Bodysuit 273. Well the bogo will work this way: the second item (the one will the lowest price) will get the 50% off. So the pregnancy support bodysuit cost $69.99 and the Push Up Jeans cost $72.99 so the pregnancu support will cost with the bogo: $34.99.


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