CYBER JEANS the cysm's cyber monday

cysm cyber monday

Is that time of the year, the time you buy everything you need online. we got this amazing offer, 2 Push Up Jeans for $100!

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term "Cyber Monday" was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. CYSM is proud to launch the first CYBER JEANS! a cyber monday all about push up jeans.

Now we will show you some of the Jeans you can choose.

The EMMA jeans are designed to become your go-to pair of skinny jeans! Every woman’s wardrobe needs a pair of ultra-flattering jeans that go well with every outfit, but these push-up jeans can do much more than just look awesome every time you wear them! The bidirectional-stretch fabric and high-rise waistband will give you the flattened abdomen and perky bottom you’ve been dreaming of.
The placement of the seams and the slightly compressive nature of the denim will tuck in the extra inches across the midsection, and tone your legs instantly. And just to give you more reasons to wear them again and again, the jeans have decorative zippers on the back pockets, rhinestones on the thighs and a hotly-rugged distressed color that brings attention to all the right places!

Cysm cyber monday

The sexy look of a classic pair of blue skinny jeans is hard to beat, so we’ve designed the IVY jeans to have that retro chic vibe, and at the same time offer some figure-flattering body contouring results! It’s all made possible by the sag-preventing bidirectional stretch fabric and the strategic seams integrated into the high-rise waistband. This design offers the perfect mix of tummy-control and butt push-up effect!
The seams and firm control of the jeans will tuck in any extra inches from the common problem areas, flattening the abdomen, and giving your legs a smooth finish, while simultaneously giving your buttocks a rounder, fuller and perkier appearance. Paired with a glam top, you’re guaranteed a sensual and jaw-dropping party outfit, while you can still keep it casual with a simple tee.

cysm cyber monday

The JADE jeans are designed to focus all eyes on your best assets, while making sure every inch covered gets a well-defined smooth finish instantly! As soon as you zip them up, the perkier, fuller and rounder booty will become a show-stopper, but this pair of glamorous denim bottoms will do much more for your silhouette! By redefining your body from the waist down, they give your figure a slender and fit look, with the appearance of longer legs and a lengthened torso.
The high-rise waistband and top notch bidirectional stretch fabric offer the firm control needed for such stunning and substantial body-remodeling results! The fabric is also responsible for how well the jeans hold up over time, since it prevents the jeans from losing their shape or sagging.

cysm cyber monday

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