Do the office workout exist? YES! time to burn calories

office workout cysm
Too many people around the globe work long hours inside an office and do not exercise before or after work. This health issue it's afecting our weight, body and soul. Well for the working girl we got this cool video that shows how you can work out in your office. 
Remember that being at work does not mean that we can not do anything, we hope that this video can give you ideas on how to use your time in the office and reach your perfect figure.
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Well get up and it's time to work out that hot body girl!!
Today's Office Chair Workout:
Toe Taps: Sit in your office chair put up your legs and then touch the ground with your toes, 20 taps per leg.
V to Boat: Sit in your chair, put up your legs as you did on the toe taps but now you will pull your knees to your abdomen. repeat  10 times
Oblique Crunches: just like V to boat but go to side to side (cheek yo cheek)  10 repetitions per side.
Roll Outs: Now get on your knees and pull your chair back and forth, (10 times)
Knee Tucks: hands on the ground, to es on the chair and now roll out your chair with you legs strength. (10 times)
Repeat all this 2 times to make sure that your abs get pretty work out.p
Are you ready? GO! and if you want to sweat 3 more times check this gym's shapewear:

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