Gift ideas for mom by CYSM

gift ideas for mom by cysm
Gift ideas for moms. She'll love it, and not just because it's from you. Please Return the typical "I love mom" mugs, the chocolates and the cheesy teddy bears. Give your mom a gift she will use, a gift that will boost her confidence.
CYSM knows how important is to give your mom the best present, that's why we got suggestions for every kind of mom.
For the mom to be, we got the super fashion maternity push up jeans and the support shapewear.  In the process of designing the perfect all-in-one pair of jeans for expecting mothers, we’ve created the ultra-support ANABEL maternity jeans! This stunning figure-contouring pair of maternity jeans has a lightweight microfiber stretch band sewn into the waistband, which acts as an abdomen and back support extension of a high-rise garment. This flexible control band provides your pregnancy bump with a gentle supportive embrace, while simultaneously taking the pressure off of your lower back. This extra comfy pregnancy-friendly design doesn’t compromise on the curve-defining features of CYSM’s other jeans collections. The strategic seams help to give your bottom a boost of volume and perkiness, while your hips, thighs and legs are subtly toned, to give them a smooth and flattering look. The elegant details on the pockets and their versatility will surely make them your go-to pair of maternity denim bottoms!
Pregnancy should be the happiest and most exciting part of a future mommy’s life! But pregnancy does come with increased discomfort, as the months go by. The Pregnancy Support Bodysuit is designed to help you fully enjoy this happy part of motherhood! The bodysuit has a combination of medium to high compressive features. The medium control is used to give you a natural butt-lifting effect, and to keep your waist in shape, while the high control design lifts your bust and offers much needed back support. To make things even easier, the undergarment has a crotch-opening, and a boyshort design. The adjustable band that fits snuggly around your abdomen guarantees a comfortable and supported belly, throughout the last months of your pregnancy!
For the new mom we got Post partum shapewear, the new mom will get back her shape with this marvelous shapewear and garments.
Just slip into this life-changing garment, and see the inches just melt away from your midsection! The Ultra Slimming Waist Minimizer is focused on giving you a smooth and well defined waist line!
This waist minimizer has a compressive design meant to shrink and sculpt problem areas, and give you a butt-lift at the same time. The minimizer is equipped with a flat zipper that allows you to put it on easily, while being absolutely unnoticeable under any outfit. This garment works its magic from your shoulders, to your flattened abdomen, and down to your round and lifted bottom!
For the fashionista mom there's no better gift  that a pair of push up jeans. T he SAHIRA jeans are not only a versatile pair of denim bottoms; they also incorporate body-shaping features more commonly found in shapewear garments! By flattening the abdomen, minimizing the waist, shaving inches off of your hips and thighs, and smoothening your legs, these instant wardrobe-favorites will give you a well-defined silhouette effortlessly! The first thing you’ll notice is a firmer, fuller and rounder derriere!
And last but not least for the fit mom we got the perfect fit outfit.  The vibrantly colored Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper is designed to make you start your training sessions with confidence and determination! Just seeing the instant butt-lift and bust-enhancement this sport bodysuit creates using a high-rise waistband, strategic seams and a top-control band, will make you want to work harder for the perfect figure! Meanwhile, the compressive design of the shaper will give you superior abdomen-control, with a toning effect on your hips, legs and back!
This gorgeous gym-ready outfit’s compression level also guarantees proper back and shoulder support, taking the pressure off of your neck and back thanks to the wide straps and skin-tight fit! The front zip closure makes the bodysuit easy to put on, while also maximizing the shaper’s ability to eliminate imperfections such as muffin tops and love handles. The Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper will show you the figure you’ve been working for in seconds!

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