Homemade teeth Whitening

dental whitening cysm

Drinking soda, wine, coffee, smoking, and eating highly pigmented foods–all these can stain our teeth. So some people would spend hundreds of dollars to visit their dentist for a quick whitening treatment.

Our smile it's one of the main parts of our face, a good smile represents trust and goos intentions. Having a good white smile helps you with your

self-esteem. There are easy homemade tricks to make you're smile white again.

You just need:

- Baking soda

- Lemon

- Spoon

It's really easy, you just need a small bowl or cup, squeeze one lemon in another recipient and start mixing it with the baking soda, little by little. The mixture got to be like a paste. When the paste is ready you got to put it in your teeth and wait 10 min, then remove it and wash your teeth as you usually do. Try it and tell us all about it!

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