How to Be More Productive at the Gym wearing UltraSweat by CYSM


Make sure your efforts at the gym have a positive high impact on your body and posture. The ultra sweat workout vest can be your weapon of choice in getting rid of those extra inches!
The enhanced thermal effect that stimulates sweating will give your fitness goals a boost in the right direction! This workout vest also has adds a flattening effect to your waistline and it can be worn under workout clothes, T-shirts and basically under any type of outfit. Enjoy its benefits whenever and wherever you’re active! 


Need a bit of extra help and motivation at the gym? How about trying out a gym-ready garment that helps you triple the slimming effect of your workout? The Sport Sweat Enhancing Waist Cincher stimulates your core and intensifies perspiration by up to 3 times, while you’re working out!
The waist cincher uses a medium-compression design to give your midsection support during your training sessions, while stimulating thermal activity as well. The garment is flexible enough to allow you to have full-freedom to move while working out. Choose an effortless way to make all your effort become visible faster than ever before!


Getting fit will most definitely translate into getting six-pack abs by the time you have reached your desired fitness level. The Support and Sweat Enhancing Waistband can become your secret ingredient in achieving the well-toned abdomen that makes any outfit look awesome.
The waistband increases thermal activity in the targeted area and stimulates perspiration. The sweat enhancing feature combined with a compressive design offer you the chance to get better results, with less effort! Your abdomen will be flattened and your lower back will get proper support in any intense workout session. Make the most out of your gym gear and get on top of your fitness goals!


Are you ready to get serious about getting in the best shape you’ve ever been? Then go all in and choose gym gear that fits your determination! The UltraSweat line will become your go-to item when you’re keen on having an intense workout, with only half the effort coming from your part!
The UltraSweat line has a compressive design that corrects your posture and offers back support while you’re working out, making every workout routine more efficient. The bodysuit also stimulate thermal activity in all major muscle groups, and increases perspiration. The flexible fabric and curve-hugging design allow your body to enjoy freedom of movement and a second-skin feeling. The most noticeable detail you’re going to see is the inch-trimming effect of an active lifestyle, combined with the constant use of this thermal bodysuit!

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