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The Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper uses an impressive design to offer your body support, and an overall perfect figure!

The thermal active latex layer helps you drop dress sizes by stimulating your core muscles. The high compression effect of the garment gives you a slim and smooth look, from your midsection, to above your knees. The wide and adjustable straps do wonders for your bust, while the fabric around your rear gives your butt a natural-lift! The body shaper is made of an antibacterial fabric, making it fit for everyday use!


A well-designed compressive undergarment can do wonders for your figure, but it can do much more! The Slimming Posture Corrector Waist Cincher can have positive aesthetic effects, while providing therapeutic benefits as well!

The diagonally placed double structural rods have a major positive effect on your posture and on the way you experience back support! This effect, along with the compressive design, will also lengthen your torso, while flattening your abdomen! For added comfort, the waist cincher is equipped with a 3-position hook closure that’s easily adjustable, and removable straps. Wearing this waist cincher will be the greatest body make-over you’ve experienced so far!


Looking for a flawless look every time you leave the house? This slimming waist cincher offers an immediate body makeover! It can be worn under any outfit, giving you an effortless way of having a flat abdomen, a correct posture and a lot of unhindered mobility.

The waist cincher is made of a flexible material that uses compression for both a thermal slimming effect and a comfortable wearing experience! There’s no need to try on an endless amount of tops and dresses to see which looks best on your waist. Help your waist become perfect for any outfit!


Shape your life with our amazing colombian shapewear and look perfect everyday!


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