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The CYSM Seamless Shapewear collection is the result of our continuous search for technologies that can turn the clothing you wear into fashion-choices, instead of the usual “does it fit” choice!

The seamless technology allows you maximum control over targeted areas of your body that you want to instantly redefine. By incorporating different compression levels, with ultra-control over problem areas and light control over the buttocks or bust, the myth of Shapewear garments that have an all-over flattening effect is debunked once and for all! This collection puts you in charge of what areas get flattened and toned, and which receive a voluptuous and sensual lift! And best of all, the seamless garments rest virtually unnoticeable against the skin, remaining invisible under any type of clothing!

CYSM SEAMLESSDiscover the key features of the seamless technology incorporated into the garments of the new CYSM Shapewear collection and the figure-redefining perks they come with:

CYSM INVISIBLE Invisible to the naked eye - the seamless garments have a comfortable skin-tight fit which makes them invisible under any type of attire. The only visible evidence of the body-shaping garment being worn will be a confident smile on your face and a body-makeover that’s happened overnight!

CYSM LIGHT Lightweight fabric - thanks to the seamless technology and the light fabric, combined with the curve-hugging fit of the garments, there’s a good chance you’ll often forget you even have a shapewear piece on!

CYSM Comfortable fit - by wearing a seamless shapewear garment you allow yourself to enjoy 100% of the typical body-shaping effects, but with much more freedom of movement and skin breathability. The garment acts and feels like a smooth second layer of skin that follows the natural curves of the body. The anatomical accuracy of the lines that the garment follows is the secret behind the high comfort level, even during prolonged wear!

CYSM Polished and smooth figure contouring - the seamless technology and compressive design of the garments offer you superior control over all problem areas, leaving only a smooth surface and well-defined curves as results of the shapewear piece being worn. No roll-ups, no slipping, no creases! Just an instantly polished figure and delicate feminine curves!

CYSM TARGETED Targeted compression - the variable compression levels and the ability to target the compressive effects of the garment are the true key features of the seamless shapewear collection! Targeting specific areas of the body is done by applying high-compression levels beneath the buttocks or across the midsection, and applying light compression directly upon the bust or bottom. The maximum amount of control is provided to areas that you want to tone and smoothen, while minimum compression caresses areas that are usually lifted and highlighted!




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