Shape your body with the best shapewear by CYSM


Use the power of a correct posture and a supportive garment to really highlight your figure, and accentuate your curves by sculpting your midsection! The Double Control Waist Cincher has a special design, meant to give you a lean hourglass figure!

This waist cincher has double structural rods built-in, and a 3-position internal hook closure, making it fit perfectly every time you wear it! The double control feature corrects your posture and offers you back support. The antibacterial fabric makes the cincher ideal if you’re going through a post-surgery or postpartum recovery. Your enhanced waistline and flattened abdomen will beg to be highlighted by every one of your outfits!


There’s no need to compromise on curves when you desire control over your waist and thighs! These thermal butt-lifting shorts are your best choice in achieving a curvy yet slimming look.

The cut-out design will create a perfectly rounded bottom, while the thermal effect of the material will enhance the slimming effect of the shorts. The benefits of wearing shapewear are a major plus if you need post-surgery support in the targeted area. The butt-lifting result will make you feel comfortable and confident while making an exquisite impression.


As a true fashionista, looking your best has to go hand in hand with working on looking your best! That’s why the Victorian Print Thermal Waist Cincher is a stylish and efficient garment that can make you go through your workout with determination and confidence! Now that’s what we call motivation!

The waist cincher has a high-compression design and built-in structural rods, that both keep your midsection in a top-notch condition! Your abdomen gets flattened, your waistline is defined, and your back gets adequate support. The 3-position hook closure guarantees a comfy and tight fit, while the internal latex layer stimulates thermal activity in your core, thus intensifying the slimming effects of your workout! The Victorian, vibrantly colored, design is just the icing on the cak


If you’re looking for a very particular combination of benefits, when it comes to supportive and body shaping garments, you’d think you’d to have to mix and match a lot before finding the perfect combo. Well that’s not the case with the our shapewear line!

It combines the benefits of having adequate back support, a correct posture, and a compressive and bust enhancing design. The medium compression level is ideal if you’re going through a post-surgery recovery process. The crisscross design on the back creates a seamless support structure that improves your posture, while the high compression design of the fabric around your arms offers a lean and smooth look. It’s a 3 in 1 type of deal that gives you support in all the desired areas, as well as a confidence boost!


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