Yes, it's a push up by CYSM!


As we battle Summer's heat waves, rising hemlines aren't the only fashion change-ups on our minds. Sure, we've carried over some of our go-to Spring pieces this season but we're craving clever new style solutions for the toasty temperatures. So we're looking to the streets for some inspiration from both everyday women and street style stars. Think bold prints and colors, retro influences, and the easiest way to wear Push Up Jeans all styled in a way that's simple to try yourself. So whether you're in need of some office-appropriate inspiration or are looking for ideas on what to pack for an upcoming vacation, it's all right here. Read on to kick-start your outfits and make this Summer your most fashionable ever with the new Push Up Shorts and skirts.

Make sure you look and feel just as hot as the summer weather by wearing this gorgeous figure-flattering JULY Skirt! Whether you’re busy at work, or going on a girl’s night out and you’re ready to party, this skirt will keep you looking flawless and elegant! The bidirectional denim fabric guarantees a comfortable fit, while the high-rise waistband visibly flattens your abdomen and gives your butt an instant lift, with a plus in roundness and volume accentuated by the skirt’s pockets! This is the type of must-have bottom piece of an outfit that can make even a simple tank top look classy, allowing you to effortlessly create awesome outfits for any occasion, be it formal or party-worthy! The side-zipper gives you the possibility to spice things up one inch at a time! 


The CYSM push-up jeans technology has inspired our team to create the ZAIRA Skirt, which offers the figure-redefining benefits of your favorite pair of jeans, but in a sensual denim skirt form! The strategic lines and curves of the skirt’s design, along with the bidirectional stretch fabric, give your buttocks a substantial lift while eliminating imperfections, such as rolls or extra inches that just won’t go away. The high-rise waistband and the decorative elements have the purpose of visually lengthening your legs and midsection, while toning and smoothening your hips and thighs. The ripped denim design gives the skirt a touch of attitude and just the right amount of versatility between an elegant and a casual style. The skirt is perfect for office outfits, delightful date nights and amazing first impressions!


If you’re looking for an alternative to a butt-lift that has close to the same dramatic enhancing effect of the real thing, then the SEVILLA push-up shorts exclusive from CYSM are the natural and instantly-efficient option! Using just strategic seams, bidirectional-stretch fabric and the natural curves of your body, these shorts lift the bottom, making it look fuller, rounder and firmer. Now that’s what we call a figure-flattering makeover worth talking about. With imperfections, such as rolls and muffin-tops, out of the way, you’re left with a curvy and voluptuous lower-body to make any outfit look flawless! The high-rise waistband and the firm-control of the design are the true flaw-erasers. All you have to do is wear them with a smile and get used to the head-turning effect these shorts have!



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